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Interchangeable Extraction, Distillation, and Concentration Systems

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Interchangeable Extraction, Distillation, and Concentration Systems - 4 processes in 1 economical package!

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Apeks Fabrication offers a line of light industrial extraction, distillation and concentration systems.   These machines are designed to bring traditional solvent extraction and concentration methods to botanical oil extract suppliers and users at an easily justifiable cost.  They are well suited for batch extraction of high value products and can be used for experimentation, pilot runs, and batch production operations. 

Our equipment combines four process tools into one piece of equipment - 1) Reflux or percolation style solvent extraction, 2) Steam distillation, 3) Stirred solvent extraction, and 4) Rapid solvent recovery/product concentration.  Combining all of these tools into one piece of equipment allows our customers to realize a significant cost savings over purchasing the individual equipment separately. Designed and fabricated in-house by Apeks Fabrication's experienced and knowledgeable staff, these systems are built to last.  

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Modes of operation:
Our 4-in-1 process systems efficiently combine four popular industrial extraction and concentration techniques into one easy to use, space saving machine.

Reflux or Percolation Style Solvent Extraction - This process uses a proven soxhlet configuration with the additional option of operating under vacuum.  Operation under vacuum allows the extraction to be performed at a lower temperature than traditional solvent extraction techniques, allowing the user to extract oil with little to no thermal degradation of the product.  This method is perfect for extracting essential oils from botanical material - rosewood, chamomile, peppermint, basil, vanilla, and many more!  Use the Solvent Recovery module to concentrate the extracted oil and recover the solvent at the same time.

Steam Distillation - Traditionally used for essential oil extraction for perfumes and also for citrus peel extractions, steam distilling can be accomplished at either atmospheric pressure or under vacuum.  Also useful for distilling water on a large scale - utilization of vacuum lowers the overall energy input and cost of the operation.

Stirred Solvent Extraction - Utilizes a conventional air driven stirrer to mix the plant material in a basket suspended in solvent.  Our 25 gallon system can hold up to 20 pounds of raw material while our 100 gallon system can hold up to 80 pounds of raw material.  

Rapid Solvent Recovery/Extract Concentration - Designed for quick, efficient solvent recovery and concentration of the extracted product. Performing recovery/concentration under vacuum continues to keep the vapor temperature of the solvent low to minimize thermal degradation of the oil.  .

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Available in 2 sizes: 25 and 100 gallon capacities
25 gallon systems come with two 4,500 watt immersion heaters, 100 gallon systems come with three 4,500 watt immersion heaters.  Heaters can be powered individually or through a centralized temperature control system.

All systems are constructed from 304 stainless steel, utilize FDA sanitary fittings and are washdown rated.  

Need it now?  Check our in-stock inventory page - click here! 

The images above are a collection of our distillation and extraction systems that have been used in several industries including food products, flavoring, alcohol distillation, alternative fuel production, and solvent recovery. 

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